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We are dedicated to making great ideas into cost-effective real-world products that make your life and sport easier, more fulfilling, more enjoyable and make you more successful. For cyclists and motorcyclists, that means making you and your bike faster. New products are always being created from new ideas, so please check back here often.

Check out a new video where a customer brought back in a Bottom Bracket that he put 20,000 miles (32,187km) on. The bearings were the ‘Made in the USA’ by TPS. I installed a new BB and away he went. I also popped out his old bearings and replaced with a set of {click here –>} FullySealedFullCeramicBearings


In collaboration with our Bike Fitting and Coaching business, we are now offering our own eBooks as well as cost effective Power Meters! Check them out here.


TPS is proud to announce our greatest product SBG-32™ High Performance Grease. TPS is known for its high quality ceramic bearings and bottom brackets and many top US domestic teams are using TPS  products including the SCOTT Pro Mountain bike Team. TPS’s latest product innovation is a specially formulated extremely low friction grease. After years of selling bearings, customers (including bicycle shops) wanted to rebuild their ceramic bearings instead of throwing them out. TPS started researching greases and has come up with the BEST bicycle lube period.

Grease - The Parts Shoppe SBG-32 Grease
Grease – The Parts Shoppe SBG-32 Grease


TPS is proud to announce our newest product ICEBUG Insoles. Bike Test Reviews performed several in-depth tests on insoles in 2015 and chose ICEBUG as the best insoles for the price! Two models are available; FAT (for work shoes, running shoes, golfing shoes) and SLIM (for cycling and other low volume shoes). Each model comes in 10 different sizes and 3 different arch heights for an almost custom fit at a fraction of the cost of custom insoles.

Icebug insoles

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Showing 1–16 of 26 results