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The Parts Shoppe (TPS) is dedicated to making great ideas into cost-effectiveIMG_5526 real-world products that make your life and sport easier, more fulfilling, more enjoyable and make you more successful. For cyclists and motorcyclists, that means making you and your bike faster. New products are always being created from new ideas, so please check back here often.

The Parts Shoppe was founded in 2011 for the sole purpose of researching products that make bicycles and motorcycles go faster. Two simple products were identified to meet those needs. High quality steel and ceramic BEARINGS to help wheels and bottom brackets spin with less required wattage and LUBES – both chain oils and grease  –to help these bearings spin with less friction & less resistance.


SBG-32™ , TPS signature grease, is a specially formulated grease derived from the aerospace industry. It is specifically designed for high speed bearings requiring low rolling resistance. Using a grease with a thick viscosity only slows the bearing down which requires the cyclist to pedal a little harder. One tester recently said

Just adding this grease [SBG-32™] gets you as much performance advantage as replacing steel balls with ceramic balls in your bearings! Doing both, there is virtually no rolling resistance!

SBG-32™ is perfect for bearings. is perfect for cables and housing and is perfect for nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners.

SBG-32™ comes in three sizes, 1 oz., for single use applications; 2 oz., typically purchased by consumers for several rebuilds; and 10 oz. purchased by bike shop mechanics and bearing manufacturers.



The Parts Shoppe now assembles its own “Made In The USA” bearings from high quality SKF bearing subassemblies – balls, races, rings. TPS steel bearings spin much better than Chinese-made ceramic bearings. Why? Because TPS bearings have matched parts – grade 5 balls (smooth and round within 5 millionths of an inch) matched to the polished surfaces of the races/rings. See, most Chinese bearing manufacturers tout “made with Grade 3 balls”, but, mated, for example to a roughly ground/polished bearing surface will actually induce a lot of drag

Advancements: Ceramics have advanced over the past several years. What didn’t work before, works fantastic now. In the past, ceramics, such as Aluminum Oxide balls were used in bottom brackets and wheel bearings with no success. Aluminum Oxide Balls were too hard and brittle and bearings were unsealed. Road dirt and grit would get into the bearings, balls would crack and these bearings would fail.

Today, Silicon Nitride ceramic is used. Si3N4 is robust and non-brittle. Bearings are now fully sealed and customers have put tens of thousands of miles on their bottom brackets and wheels with great success using TPS ceramic bearings.

Click below to see what Kris Withington, Pro Tour Team Mechanic has to say about Pro Teams running Ceramic Bearings!

>>> TommyD-CeramicBearings


So give us a try. We now assemble our newest in-house Made In The USA all-steel AND hybrid ceramic TPS models.


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