6805 Ceramic Bearing (25x37x6)mm


6805 Ceramic Bearing

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6805 Ceramic Bearing – Silicon Nitride Grade 3 balls


Hybrid Ceramic bearings are constructed using conventional hardened steel races, but the steel balls are replaced with ceramic balls.

Why are Ceramic bearings better?
  1. Ceramic balls are “rounder” than steel balls. That’s what makes them far more free rolling and much smoother running.
  2. Ceramic balls are about 50% lighter than steel balls. This is why spin-up times are much improved.
  3. Ceramic balls have a much lower degree of thermal expansion compared to steel balls. This results in cooler running and improved lubricant life.
  4. Ceramic balls are much harder than steel balls (over 100% harder). This, combined with their excellent surface finish is the reason they out-wear steel bearings. In identical running conditions, the balls in ceramic bearings exhibit less than 10% of the wear of steel balls.

The price indicated is for 1 Hybrid Ceramic bearing. This model 6805 ceramic bearing includes heat treated and hardened 52100 Alloy Bearing Steel races/rings and Si3N4 ceramic balls.

This high-quality hybrid ceramic bearing is sealed both sides (2RS) and is used as a bottom bracket bearing for all 24mm crank spindle solutions.
Example bottom bracket solutions include Shimano, FSA and SRAM

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