Power Primer for the Cyclist


Do you want to be a better cyclist and/or triathlete? Want to be faster, stronger and pain-free while cycling? This is the companion book to the Stretching and Core Strengthening for the Cyclist. Strength training gets into more exercises that specifically target weak muscles normally experienced with cyclists.

Last count, there are over a million stretching and strengthening exercises, so how do you know which ones will help you the most for cycling? This eBook looks at strength training specifically for the cyclist and triathlete.

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Power Primer for the Cyclist. Do you want to be a better cyclist and/or triathlete?

The desired goal when cycling is to move the bicycle forward as fast as possible with the least amount of effort. Power meters can help you more easily achieve this by measuring this force. What is POWER? What is a POWER METER? How will it help me? Which Power Meter should I get? What else do I need? What do I do next? These are questions most cyclists have when hearing about Power-Based Training. We answer them all and more in this info-packed eBook.


13 pages of essential POWER and POWER METER information for the cyclist. Numerous charts and graphs provide explanation for the written material.


As a USA Cycling coach, I get asked all the time; “What is a Power Meter and what can it do for me?
This eBook answers this question as well as the other most common questions I get asked.

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