TPS SBG-32 Grease (1oz)


SBG-32™ Full-Synthetic Supreme Performance Grease

SBG-32 Full-Synthetic Supreme Performance Grease

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SBG-32 Grease (1 oz / 28.3 g)

TPS (The Parts Shoppe) is known for its high quality ceramic bearings and bottom SBG-32 greasebrackets and many top US domestic teams are using TPS  products including the 2013 SCOTT Pro Mountain bike Team. TPS’s latest product innovation is a specially formulated extremely low friction grease. After years of selling bearings, customers (including bicycle shops) wanted to rebuild their ceramic bearings instead of throwing them out. TPS started researching greases and has come up with a winner.

SBG-32™ is a Full-Synthetic, Supreme Performance, Antiwear and Antifriction Lubricating Grease specifically derived from the aerospace industry and specially formulated to extend the life of all threaded parts, cables and bearings. SBG-32™ can be used on all nuts, bolts, screws, cables, and especially hubs & bearings. It is non-sticky, has a buttery-soft texture and has excellent resistance to corrosion and rust even under extreme conditions. SBG-32™ is ABSOLUTELY the BEST grease for both conventional and ceramic bearings. So, if you want a GO-FAST product, this is truly the ONLY grease you will ever need for maintaining your bikes – both motorcycles and bicycles.

SBG-32™ comes in different sizes to meet the customers needs. The consumer will usually purchase either the 1 oz. or 2 oz. size while bike shop mechanics will purchase the 10 oz. size.

The bottom line: Using a grease with a thick viscosity grease only slows the bearings down which requires the cyclist to pedal a little harder. One tester even said “Just adding this grease [SBG-32™] gets you as much performance advantage as replacing steel balls with ceramic balls in your bearings! Doing both, there is virtually no rolling resistance”

This is for the 1 oz. size

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